SIR Company International

SIR Company International is a logistics company, dedicated to support after sales activities with manufactures, distributors, reseller’s, vendors & users. We generate the RMA (Return Material Authorization)  Number for the clients to swap their defective parts. We are specialists in creating the correct Process, Flow to achieve the costumer'1s satisfcation in the shortest period of time, upon the lowest cost and the most efficient control system. We handle since the importation of the good and the spare parts to the retrieve of the defective parts. Everything is dismantled and recycled of all packaging parts and units, garanting that nothing  goes to landfields / or endup in the gray market. With more than two decades of experience and knowledge, SIR Company International is the founder, creator, warehousing and recycling of eletronic parts and equipments in Latin America.

Our Services

  • Call Center Tri-lingual (English, Spanish and Portuguese)

  • RMA (Return Material Authorization) Management.

  • Warranty Exchange Services

  • Temporary Export for Repair

  • Spare Parts Inventory – IOR (Import of Records)

  • Ownership & Liability of Local Inventories per County

  • In / Out Bound Inventories

  • Mission Critical Delivery (2, 4, 8, Next Business Day and Spares On Site)

  • Aging Management – Cycle Count

  • International Coverage Field Stock Locations

  • Warehousing

  • Picking Packing Dispatching and Fiscal Aspects (Invoicing and Tax Issues)

  • 24h x & day Operations

  • 3rd Party Local Repair Lab Management

  • Test Lab – Go N Go

  • Reverse Logistics

  • Drop Off Points

  • Data Destruction

  • Data Recovery

  • Recycling

  • Environmental Consulting

  • Scrap Process