Swap & Return

“Swap & Return” is the most common protocol for RMA (Return Material Authorization) Management. It is the simple process of having the consumer send the product back, once that product has been received, we send out the replacement product to that consumer. This process is common practice, and could be the perfect RMA solution for your company!

Local Inventory

The solution that is, “Local Inventory”, involves keeping a inventory of replacement products with us locally. Within this solution, their are two options, one option is “Stock On Site”, which involves keeping the inventory in the customers site. The other option is a “Inbound Warehouse” which allows products to be “In Transit” which can “nationlize” the product.



Many companies like to use what is called “Advanced Replacement”, which differs from “Swap & Return”, by sending out the replacement product immediately, not waiting to receive the customers initial product. This solution is not only ideal for the end user customer, but speeds up the return process as a whole.


RMA - Start point to create a better relationship between the customer and manufacture. Here we obtain all the data of the client and of the defective part and create a specific number for this service, named RMA. Through the operation, he can trace the status of his replacement. This database is confidential and specific for each client.

Spares on Site

Spares on Site - Many clients do no want to wait to obtain the replacement of their defective part. So its created a special stock at the clients facility. If a unit fails, they can replace immediately with another unit placed there. The amount of spares parts will be defined by each client. Once the part is used, and another new part forward to replaced the part that was picked. 

Inbound Warehousing - To move around to other countries. the cheapest way is to have these parts in inbounded warehouses, avoiding paying custom fee 's and expenses. You naturalize the parts that you only need. The rest you can ship to other countries paying very little duties. With our specific control of inventory, make it easy to operate this process.

Inbound Warehousing

Express Deliveries

Test Go No Go

Repair Return

Express Deliveries - Using our logistic team, we can plan and guarantee to swap defective parts within 2, 4, 8 hours or NBD - Next Business day. There is also the service of 24 x 7, with attends all night, weekends and holidays. This is essential to pass on security to the client on support and efficiency. 

Often customers want to send a product back to be replaced, claiming that it is broken and/or faulty. Often there is nothing actually wrong with the product, and the customer is inexperienced or confused on how the product works. Before you send a replacement product out and mark the initial one as broken, we test the product first, and determine if anything was actually wrong. This process can save time, money, & resources for your business!

This solution is what it sounds like, rather then replacing the product, we repair the product or replace a single part on the product, then send it back to the customer. This solution gives you the client two options, option one is where the company would supply us the equipment & train our team to test repair the products. The other option is where we receive the product and ship it to your repair center.



VMI (Visual Mechanic Inspection)

Pick, Packing and Shipping

VMI- Visual Mechanic Inspection - This is a primary analysis of the defective part, to verify if the part / equipment with is defective is covered upon warranty. also its importance is to inspect that the part or equipment wasn't misused, brokered and/or burned.  Also it verifies if the part is an original or fake unit.

Customer Support

Customer Support - We have Call Centers that attend in three difference languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese), leaving the client more comfortable to speak and understand te procedures. This does not just apply to speaking, but also to writing (E-mails). All our systems, presentations, reports are trilingual.

Pick, Packing, Shipping - 
Send local inventory is more cost effective and also allows a quicker response to replace the defective part. So there is a need to put on the shelves of our warehouse to support the operation. When the orders (RMA) comes in, each specific part and quantity is picked from the shelves, packed and shipped out tothe client, informing them their AWB number so they can trace the shipping to them.

The temporary exportation for outward & inward processing will potentially put the products in a customs territory allowing it to be re-imported to the manufacturer, or re-exported to the customer with a exemption from partial taxes & duties! This will allow the products to remain free of being declared in one zone over the other. This solution is ideal to save money on taxes for international companies.

Cycle Count

Cycle Count - Having and inventory for replacement is important, but dynamic to be replaced in real time. We create controls of minimum volumes, security volumes. We know well for each country what is the turn around time, so to guarantee that his works well, we count all inventory month and report to our clients for the needs.

Scrap Report

Scrap Report - At the end of the month, all parts are dismantled through the process of recycling, avoiding nothing to to sent to landfills or end up in the gray market. The Scrap report presents pictures of the process, informs weights per material and the Certification fo Destruction, attending all local, State and Federal Laws of Environment. It also present the list of parts, with its Part Number and serial Number. This Report can be tailor made to attend the clients needs.